Langston Francis “FCKD IT UP” in Toronto at Mod Club!

Written By | Mohamad Agha

Langston Francis
Photo By | Mohamad Agha

Kensington Market’s 17-year-old breakout star Langston Francis burst onto the scene with his debut “FCKD IT UP” a year ago, and since then has been amassing a following in Canada. His second single “Fall From Grace” was released in February. His style is a fusion of R&B-pop. He pulls inspiration from Toronto, the city he’s based in.

The multiculturalism and different genres of music the city has to offer has allowed Langston to craft his own style of music, blending hip-hop, jazz, and electronica into his own. He recently released his first EP, named “roaming” featuring new songs like Up, and Echos, which showcase his unique style very well. A few of Langston’s musical inspirations include local acts like Ramriddlz, and even well-known artists like Billie Eilish, Kanye West.

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Live in concert, Langston has a very friendly yet captivating stage presence, pulling in fans from all over the room as he sings with a smooth and powerful tone. Langston performed songs off his EP, like These Nights, Up, and his breakout song, FCKD IT UP. He even debuted a new song, Peaches. Langston had people of all ages in the crowd, which goes to show that his music really isn’t restricted to a certain age group, but that it’s for everyone.

Julian Thomas
Photo By | Mohamad Agha

Langston is joined by another Canadian act, in Etobicoke-based Julian Thomas, 27, He cites Michael Jackson, Talib Kweli, and even Pink Floyd as some of his inspirations. While wanting commercial success, Julian’s main focus with the release of his music is the “connectivity” he wants to have with fans, he wants them to be able to relate to the music.

Julian’s set began at 8PM and his stage presence was electrifying, he had the crowd screaming and wanting more, and he even performed his newly-released song “I Can’t Trust It”, which had only been out for six hours prior to his set, yet the fans knew every lyric and sang along with him. That just goes to show that Julian’s music really does connect with the fans, which is his main objective as an artist in this day and age. 

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