LANY Brings All The Emotions to The Ryman Auditorium

Written By | Brandon Baker

The band LANY (pronounced Lay-Nee) performed at the legendary Ryman Auditorium on Sunday, April 28. The show sold out weeks in advance. I have photographed many concerts, from artists much smaller and bigger than LANY, but there was something in the air that night at the Ryman. As soon as Paul Klein (singer for LANY) walked onto the stage, the energy in the room exploded. Paul said off stage, “I was worried about playing a venue with all seating,” but I didn’t see a single person not standing throughout the concert.

The band played hits from their previous albums and Eps, as well as many of their newer tracks from their latest release, Malibu Nights. At times I could not even hear Paul sing because the crowd was screaming ever word.

You could feel the emotions in Paul’s voice as he sat down on his glass piano bench and sang Malibu Nights and Thru These Tears. It was clear that his recent breakup truly impacted their latest release.

Near the end of the show, Paul stopped singing, put his hands over his face, and began weeping. You could see tears fill the eyes of the audience. He said “Thank you Nashville, this has been a beautiful night.”

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The band LANY consists of Jake Gross on Drums, Les Priest on Guitar, and Paul Klein on vocals, guitar, and keys.

Photo Credit: Brandon Baker

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