Hip-Hop Superstar and Taylor Gang Reflect on a Decade after Rolling Papers Album Released

HipHopDX, one of the world’s most influential hip-hop music news sites Still Rolling Papers featuring multi-platinum-selling, GRAMMY® Award and Golden Globe® Award-nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang. This 30-minute retrospective shows never-before-seen footage of Wiz’s journey from hometown hero to international hip-hop icon over the past decade.

A story of resilience, self-belief, risk-taking and ignoring outside pressure, the documentary tells the tale of how a crew of friends took their dreams into their own hands and built one of the most impactful movements within hip-hop. It explores why Wiz Khalifa stood firm around the hit song “Black and Yellow,” taking his time with its development. Memorializing the time period, it features interviews with rapper and Taylor Gang OG Chevy Woods, rapper and entrepreneur Curren$y, rap legend Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and more as they reflect on 10 plus years of Taylor Gang. 

“Everybody just called me Wiz when I was younger. They said I was wise beyond my years. Khalifa’s Arabic: it means leader, successor, someone who is going to be a shining light and is really going to be an example for people,” Wiz says in the documentary’s opening sequence. “Ten years sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t feel like that much. It still feels fresh. It still feels good. For me, it’s when I look back at the footage because I’m always in it when I’m there,” he added.

“HipHopDX was founded over 20 years ago with the goal of telling our audience about the stories that matter. So, when it comes to the last decade in music, one of the most inspiring journeys is that of Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang. At its core, this documentary is about remaining authentic to who you are, persevering through obstacles and showing everyone that the impossible IS possible,” said Sharath Cherian, CEO of HipHopDX. “Hip-hop is the American dream personified in music and this documentary showcases Wiz and his team, building something from the ground up. For fans and viewers of ‘Still Rolling Papers,’ we hope it provides the inspiration to grow and achieve your dreams.”

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HipHopDX presents Still Rolling Papers in association with Taylor Gang Ent., SMAC Ent., Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group. The documentary was executive produced by Wiz Khalifa and Will Dzombak from Taylor Gang Ent. as well as Sharath Cherian and Kevin Hofman from HipHopDX; produced by Jordan Saint-Pierre and Jeremy Hecht from HipHopDX; and directed and edited by Blair Avery from HipHopDX.