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Written By | Hannah Kutner

No combination of words strung together could ever accurately describe the experience that Louis the Child brought to Red Rocks Amphitheatre this past Thursday. It was so much more than just live music- it was an experience that filled fans with an overwhelming sense of euphoria; nonetheless bringing accuracy to the name of the tour.

Who else better to open a show for Louis the Child.. than Louis the Child themselves? Their Playground set was merely a tease for fans that arrived early enough.

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Elderbrook hit the stage as crowds finished piling in, wearing neon clothes, smiles painted across their faces. His soft and steady beats filled the stage. Alexander Kotz is known best for his unique sounds. The multi-instrumental musician raised the vibration in the amphitheater, as the younger crowd prepared for What So Not to take the stage.


IMPRINTent, IMPRINT Entertainment, YOUR CULTURE HUB, IMPRINTentDENVER, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Hannah Kutner, Interscope Records, What So Not

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Shortly after, the energy brought to the stage by What So Not reminded fans who held their tickets for nearly a year exactly why they waited so long. Crowds jumped up and down in unison as the Aussie Producer consistently played harder and harder. His synchronicity to the electronic beats hypnotized the concert goers.

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Louis the Child finally took the stage. Their performance made you feel alive in a sense you may have only felt a mere number of times- a feeling you wish could last forever. Accompanied by wicked visuals, the two entertainers flooded every sense with an electric rush. The crowd came together for the two, moving their hands in the air simultaneously, singing together- word for word. The iconic duo played behind their iconic crown symbol, and bewildered the fans with surprise guest- Bea Miller. They closed out the show, having the crowd sing “Free” with them. As the lights went dark, and the crowd chanted for an encore, Freddy and Robby came back on with their most notorious song- Better Not.

The show was electronic bliss. As fans walked down the infamous Red Rocks stairs, overcome with post-show euphoria, a fan was overheard with the biggest smile saying, “This was the best night of my life.”.


Photo Credit | Hannah Kutner