Louis The Child Releases Brand-New Single and Video for “Blow The Roof” With Kasbo & EVAN GIIA


Chicago-bred production duo, Louis The Child, release their brand-new single and music video for Blow The Roof with fellow producer, Kasbo, along with vocalist and previous collaborator, EVAN GIIA. The track comes fresh off the heels of the duo’s recently released Euphoria EP and follows the announcement of their upcoming performance at this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. The song starts off mellow with EVAN GIIA’s smooth vocals, building into a bright and energetic production cultivated by the signature styles of both Louis The Child and Kasbo. “Blow The Roof” with Kasbo & EVAN GIIA is the first of new music to come by Louis The Child and the song is available now at all digital retail providers via Interscope Records.

Louis The Child says about the track, “We produced ‘Blow The Roof’ with Kasbo, and wrote / sung the chorus in that session. We really liked the idea of ‘blow the roof’, to let go, and let the energy come through—to follow your dreams! A couple weeks later, we wrote the rest of the song with EVAN GIIA and Asia Whiteacre. This is my favorite song of ours right now, and we’re really happy with the video. Enjoy!”

Kasbo says, “So happy how it all came together and so glad that people can hear it. It feels like such a happy song that you just wanna be with your friends and have fun to, which is something I feel we all need right now.”

EVAN GIIA adds, “The minute I heard the chorus start of BTF that the boys made I knew I had to be on it. I was so excited to share a chorus with Freddy’s vocals. We wrote the verses in a few hours, and everything came together. I hope people love it as much as we do. While filming the music video we were screaming the words in the convertible over and over. It’s just a feel-good tune.”

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The music video is a colorful and surreal interpretation of the phrase “Blow The Roof”. It focuses on a single house filled with a variety of colorful rooms, each containing their own theme, creating a psychedelic environment packed with visual eye candy. The beginning of the video finds a few groups of people in different rooms of the house seemingly somber, but as the song builds, more people fill the house until it eventually turns into a party. Shots of Freddy and Robby of Louis The Child and EVAN GIIA are seen walking through the crowd. Everyone at the party appears to have let their worries disappear, at which point Louis The Child and EVAN GIIA drive off into the night.


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