On October 21st, 2018 Louis Cole came through Toronto to add his IMPRINT. The Velvet Underground was taken over by fans of all ages and a nice lineup had formed by the time I arrived for check in.

This was another concert where I didn’t know what I would be walking into; I had never listened to anyone who was performing that night but, had a very open mind after my previous ‘foot-in-mouth’ moments. My excitement started to rise when I settled into the venue and eavesdropped on the enthusiastic conversations going on around me. People were clearly very excited about the show and so, I mentally prepped for another fantastic night of being mind blown.

Soon enough the lights dimmed and the crowds anticipation grew. Jake Sherman, a singer/songwriter from New York City, opened the night and had the crowd bobbing to his electro-pop songs and laughing along to his silly side jokes. Effortlessly playing piano while singing, Jake even had a little harmonica bit and a vocal processor for an auto-tuned live song that definitely produced some smiles. His jacket matched the venue lighting which was a visual bonus, because who doesn’t love flashy jackets? For real though, Jake Sherman put on a very chill, enjoyable first set and made some new Toronto fans that evening, self included.
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The switch and setup time between sets was incredibly fast. Before the majority of the crowd had even returned from the bar, the lights were dimming and the second band made their way on stage.

Bernice is a hometown band, which was a pretty exciting thing for me to find out. After all, it’s not very often that I have the opportunity to cover Toronto bands for Imprint; I certainly was not disappointed either because there was a lot of talent in each of the band members. The genre of the music was hard for me to pin-point, they have a very unique modern kind of folk sound and incredible harmonizing vocals that honestly had me in goosebumps a few times. Their songs are personal stories, almost like diary entries put into lyrics. At one point, I was just so involved in their set that I forgot I was supposed to be taking photos. Bernice put on a very memorizing and tranquil performance and I encourage locals to get out and see them live in the future.
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Once again the switch time between sets went by really quick; the lights went right down, almost to pitch black and the only thing that could be seen was this strange hooded outline.

 As the lights slowly started to rise and Louis Cole, a solo pop artist from Los Angeles, California, appeared, we could see that the strange hooded figure was a person dressed as Death, scythe and all. Death quickly left the stage and Louis took over completely as the venue vibrated with excited cheers.

It didn’t take me very long to understand why Louis had so many Toronto fans come out on a Sunday night. He’s got a lot of personality, a lot of energy and an insane amount of talent. Louis seemed at home on this tiny stage. He appeared comfortable, confident and was a comedian to boot. Not only did Louis have a melodious singing voice with lyrical content based on everyday things, he played keys, threw out sarcasm, mixed beats and hit the drums like an absolute pro.

Also, do you know how hard it can be to get a full photo of a drummer? Like, the whole kit and the drummer in focus? It is usually very hard. I mean, no offence other band members but, you guys can get in the way. Louis Cole didn’t have that problem because he is his whole band and his musical skill is out of this world! I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of his performance, I am a new fan for sure and can’t wait for Louis to come back to Toronto.
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Overall this was another great show presented by Embrace at the Velvet. All of the bands put on fantastic performances and left their IMPRINT in Toronto for sure.

Keep up-to-date with all things Louis Cole by checking out his bandcamp, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and spotify. Click here for tour dates and watch the newest official music video from Louis Cole below.


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