Louis The Child Returns For 4th Annual Friendsgiving With Lupe Fiasco And Levity

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Written and Captured By | Jason Vega

This past Black Friday Louis The Child returned to Chicago with friends Levity and Lupe Fiasco for their fourth annual Friendsgiving.  The show took place at Radius Chicago, one of Chicago’s largest venues. The atmosphere within the venue is breathtaking and spine tingling. It’s a musical oasis disguised as an industrial warehouse.

First on deck was Levity. An electronic trio comprised of friends John Hauldren ,PJ Carberry, Josh Tarum. This was my first-time hearing of the group. Although’ after watching their heigh energy performance Friday night I will defiantly be catching them when they return to Chicago. The group played Hits such as “Coming of Age”, Underneath”, and spend it all with you”. They have a unique style that blends colorful sounds and upbeat lyrics; that sweep you away and drop you in the center of an early 2000s coming of age movie.

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They played a remix of “Calabria” that they only played at live shows. The intense energy that the boys had will mixing paired with the hyped-up crowd had the building shaking. This made me excited to see just how rowdy the crowd would get for Lupe Fiasco and Headliner Louis the Child.

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After a brief Intermission Chicago Raised rapper Lupe Fiasco took stage. Opening his set with “Kick Push” and ” Words I Never Said”. A great roar filled every corner of the room as Fiasco ran onto the stage. Throughout his performance he kept the crowd engaged and never let the energy drop lower than 110%. His stage presence is so captivating hard to not dance and jump along with him. He played plenty of his hits such as” Superstar” and “Battle Scars”. He closed his show out with fan favorite “The Show Goes On” Leaving everyone with a warm feeling of friendship and comradery amongst each other as music lovers.

Excitement quickly filled the room as fans waited for headliner Chicago natives Louis the Child to take the stage. The electronic pop duo opened with ” Free” a feel-good dance track that fills you with euphoria and covers your body in chills. Lazers lit up the room and the faces of hundreds of ecstatic fans. Fans went crazy when production set of streamer canons during “Blow the roof”.

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The duo played hits songs ” Cry”, “Weekend”, and “Kicker”. The production for the show was unlike anything I’ve experienced before, perfectly highlighting the dance tracks. Louis the child created an amazing environment perfect for dancing and forgetting the world around you.  The Group closed their set with Thier viral hit ” Better not”; blasting confetti that quickly filled the room. The confetti parried with all the lights was a sight to see, and left fans in complete awe looking up and around the venue.

The night was filled with so much dancing and cheering that it was hard to leave since many of us didn’t want it to end. It was truly an experience that will last a lifetime and I cannot wait to return next year for their 5th annual Friendsgiving.


Jason Vega