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Meg Myer’s with Adam Jones at El Club in Detroit, MI

Written By | Jen Prouty

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For the past three years, fans of Meg Myers have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her sophomore album. Wishes finally came true over the summer when her highly anticipated album Take Me to the Disco was released this past July. As with any amazing artist, new albums bring about a sense of urgency to connect with the artist and their music live on tour and Meg Myers fans are collectively saturating their souls with her music as she makes her way across the US this fall.

This past Thursday, October 4th, it was finally Detroit’s turn to get a full serving of Meg’s emotionally charged and angst-ridden tunes.

I was so excited to see the venue of choice for Meg was El Club, an intimate, ultra-hip club in Southwest Detroit. El Club is one of my favorite venues for shows because of it’s smaller size, as it allows the artist to really connect with and captivate the audience. The sound really resonates throughout the room and because of it’s scaled-down size, I find that people are a little more restrained from holding up the phone 90% of the show. So it’s more for feeling and enjoying the moment!

In addition to it being a prime locale to take in a concert, it also has a ridiculously charming outdoor courtyard, perfect for a pre-show hang. Whether that involves enjoying a cocktail by the bonfire or enjoying one of their specialty pizzas on a picnic table under strings of lights and stars, you are sure to have a great time. I always find this outdoor space perfect for chatting up other fans and hearing their stories and connections to the artist and their music.

When it was time for the show to get underway, the evening got off to a great start with a performance by Adam Jones, a brilliant 24 year old singer-songwriter from Boise, Idaho. While his vibe is a bit more mellow than Meg’s, his stage presence and songs had the perfect level of energy to set the stage for Meg to follow. Guests that evening got to enjoy a half hour or so of Jones, along with his bass player and drummer on stage, playing a number of songs off Jone’s newly released album, Disco Ballet. Jones described the album as “Fleetwood Mac-esque but more singer-songwriter” with “really catchy pop hooks”, and I would describe it as mellow rock with reflective lyrics taking the spotlight.

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Jones left the audience amped up and anticipation buzzed as the tech crew swapped out the stage and readied it for Meg. With no assigned seating, the audience all began to press closer to the stage and jockeyed for the best possible position to take in Meg’s show. When the lights went dark and the first chords from her band rung out, the crowd released an excited cheer. Meg emerged from a blue foggy haze and the lights slowly brightened as she began singing her first few line. This dramatic entrance on to stage, set the tone for the rest of her performance.

Meg, who is known for her frenetic energy and unconstrained, emotionally raw vocals, did not disappoint as she launched into a string of new songs from her new album Take Me to the Disco. Myer’s is an artist that has a spectacular range, both vocally and in her performance. Her voice easily goes from a deep bellow to breathless gasps to angsty, rage-filled screams, and her stage presence alternates between reflective stillness to bounding and flailing her arms as she lunges across the stage. This variety keeps her fans hooked on every song and anxiously awaiting the start of the next tune, excited to see how each upcoming song will play out.

Myer’s range extended into the songs themselves, with certain songs like “Some People” feeling almost hopeful, which is quite contradicting to others like “Tear Me To Pieces” in which she is lost in a maniacal fury as she screams out “I know this love will tear me to pieces | It’s in your eyes you Fucking Liar”. As Meg’s performance neared the end, both her and the audience were melting into sweaty messes as everyone got lost in this intense performance. She finished the night off with a beautiful breathy performance of her song “Constant”, which was the perfect way to end the night on a mellow and reflective note.

Photos By | Jen Prouty

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