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Megadeth & Lamb of God Metal Tour of the Year Denver Stop at Ball Arena

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Written By | Fernandez Gomez

On August 27th, at Ball Arena in Denver Colorado. Megadeath, Lamb of God and a few other rock bands light up the stage as the Metal Tour Of The Year touch down in the Mile High City. Two legendary heavy metal rock bands look to shutdown Ball Arena. Hundreds of fans come dressed up and fill the stand and ready for and action packed night. As the doors open up at 5 o’clock all 6 lines from 4 different entrances fill up with hundreds of fans waiting for their favorite band to take the stage.

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As Trivium took the stage all the fog machines started to fog. The stage started to disappear. Trivium started their performance with beautiful red and blue lighting. As Trivium started stringing the strings of their guitars and music started blasting in ball arena the crowd went wild. As they all played their guitar and swung their hair round and round you could tell they were having a good old time. As soon as security started to reveal that they were going to take down the curtain that covered the stage, the crowd started to cheer.

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As Lamb of God took the stage and the curtain was taken down the crowd slowly getting loud. As the drummer drummed and the artist slowly started singing the crowd began to form a mosh pit. As Abe Spear did his signature jump from the drummers set-up to the stage floor, the flamethrowers lit up the stage. The energy from the crowd started to rock and roll, head bang, and sing along. As I walk up to the stage and see the curtain covering the stage, I knew this was going to be amazing.

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As the main act Megadeth prepares their last minute prep on the stage, they speak Into the mic behind the curtain and the crowd begins to cheer. As the curtain drops and the music blasts everyone started to rock on. After about 2 songs Dave Mustaine got on the Mic and talk to the crowd. He had said “Denver you guys have had the best crowd yet on the tour.” Everyone cheered. As the night went on everyone had a great night. The bands and the crowd. If you ever get the chance to go to one of these tour stops near you I definitely recommend going and checking it out. It is a great experience.


Photo Credit | Fernando Gomez