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mewithoutYou have a brand new single! Listen to “Julia (or, ‘Holy to the LORD’ on the Bells of Horses)” Now

A new song called “Julia (or, ‘Holy to the LORD’ on the Bells of Horses)” has been unleashed by prolific post-hardcore stalwarts, mewithoutYou. With this single comes a new album to be released on Run For Cover Records, as of yet untitled and without a release date, but fans can expect it to drop this fall.

In an interview on Billboard’s #AlternativeFacts podcast, Micheal Weiss and Rickie Mazzotta, guitarist and drummer respectively, said, “We have a lot of new music. We want to just put it out. That’s what we do.” They talked about how long of a process it’s been creating the forthcoming album, taking over a year to write it, and that they have enough songs for two releases. They’ve been taking their sweet time in the studio. Weiss mentioned that the recording process isn’t finished, but “it keeps getting heavier and heavier as things keep progressing.” They also kept calling it a “banger”.

After giving “Julia” several listens, it seems like mewithoutYou has adopted a bit of a shoegaze sound, similar to the ethereal sounds of Slowdive or Swirlies. It’s a little more atmospheric, a little more electric dream.

This song is indeed heavier than their most recent albums, but not quite as erratic as their first album, [A→B] Life. It’s a heavy chill kind of sound. The Philadelphia band seems to have found a medium between their first two albums and their subsequent releases, where big riffs mingle with serene singing. Vocalist Aaron Weiss’s voice does not stand out as a leading element of the song, rather, he layers it lightly over the guitars.

The lead guitar part croons like it used to on Catch For Me The Foxes, their second album. It’s most reminiscent of songs like “Tie Me Up! Untie Me!” or “Paper-Hanger”, especially the chorus of the latter, when the vocals fall back from spoken word into a searing melody. It isn’t as rhythmically challenging as their earliest work, but it exudes a similar mood.

Still, “Julia” is a reworking of mewithoutYou’s sound. It’s surprising, experimental, unusual for them. It takes a few qualities of their previous albums, incorporates new elements, and shapes it into something recognizable, yet fresh. More importantly, it’s a song that makes you sway and nod in its dreamy ambiance, a song that will leave a bright, swelling feeling in your chest.


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