Michael Kiwanuka in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse

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After leaving Kiwanuka’s concert at variety playhouse, the phrase “everything blended so well” perfectly summarizes this “experience”. The reason behind this being called an experience starts even before Michael and his musical group took the stage. The venue and location was well thought of and was the perfect place to host the event.


Variety Playhouse is located in little five points which is recognized as the “center of southeastern alternative culture”. That being said, the crowd was extremely diverse in the context of age and ethnicity. Once Michael and the musical entourage hit the stage, the crowd was in awe as the backing vocalist sang along Michael and the musicians played. There were many times in mid-performance in which the crowd gave praise. That is not common!

Kiwanuka is British singer/songwriter from United Kingdom that has supported the world renowned Adele on her Adele live tour in 2011. In 2012, Kiwanuka released his debut studio album, Home Again, which peaked at number 4 in the United Kingdom. In 2016, Kiwanuka released, Love & Hate which peaked at number 1 in the UK. He has been nominated for awards at BCC Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and more.

See More Photos Of Michael Kiwanuka Here

Prior to attending the concert, I was not familiar with the artist’s work, but afterwards I found myself humming and attempting to recite the lyrics from a few songs. As soon as I made it home I instantly added new songs to my collection; Michael, you have a new fan. If you have not heard music by Michael as of yet, I would recommend starting with the song, Love & Hate, which is on his album released in 2016. The sound of soul/R&B music that is loved by all (and missed) but modernized with a unique twist to appeal to all and the future generations.

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