Mura Masa in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse with Ash Lauryn

Written By | Andre Buchanan

If you’re ever looking for a good show and happen to find out that Mura Masa will be coming performing whether it be a venue near you or any festival, then please do yourself a favor and buy tickets ASAP. On May 20th, Mura Masa performed at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. This venue, located in little five points, has a spacious general admission pit right in front of the stage as well as reserved seating in the back plus a balcony. Which mean that there’s enough room for a good crowd to dance and jump around while listening to their favorite artist.


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Opening up for Mura Masa, was a local DJ by the name of Ash Lauryn. Although born in Detroit, Ash Lauryn has been living in the Atlanta area for over 10 years now and has been killing it ever since. Her set was amazing and her transitions were as smooth as they come. The crowd was definitely feeling Ash.

She had brought such a chill but upbeat vibe to the stage that it made you just want to listen to her set for hours. Be on the lookout for Ash Lauryn because more than likely you will be hearing more from her.

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The time has come for Mura Masa to come to the stage. The moment of anticipation was here. Mura Masa is a brutish electronic music producer who has worked with a few big named artists to make some of the most creative music I’ve ever heard. Listening to his music just doesn’t go justice compared to the live performance. And just to add the ice cream on the cake, he brought out Fliss as his vocalists! Fliss is an artist from London who has been going on tour with Mura Masa as his guest vocalist!


Having Fliss there just made everything 10x better! She brought so much energy to the show and killed every song. Did I mention that she can dance her ass off? From the amazing sounds and crazy visuals, Mura Masa is one that I would recommend seeing live.

Photos By | Andre Buchanan

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