National Geographic’s ‘Overheard at National Geographic’ Podcast Returns for Season Six

Launching May 4, New Episodes Will Air Weekly

National Geographic’s podcast, Overheard at National Geographic will return for its sixth season Tuesday, May 4. Each weekly episode takes listeners behind the conversations overheard at Nat Geo headquarters, Zooms and Slack chats, as editors plan stories with explorers and scientists, photographers and journalists all over the world.

This season, listeners will meet more of the Overheard team as senior editor Eli Chen and producers Brian Gutierrez and Jacob Pinter step up to the mic and join co-hosts Peter GwinNational Geographic editor at large, and Amy Briggs, executive editor of History magazine, to bring listeners on new journeys into this big, weird, beautiful world.

The podcasts will showcase the first AI-generated music score, dive with killer whales to observe their surprising cultures; venture into the world of artificial intelligence to see how scientists are teaching machines to recognize human diversity; examine the love songs of 17-year cicadas; and visit National Geographic’s legendary technology lab where engineers have dreamed up super cameras to hunt for the Loch Ness monster and float above Machu Picchu. Also found by digging into Nat Geo’s vaults were some forgotten bits of audio from names like Jacques Cousteau and Jane Goodall.

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