Philly-based rapper Skrilla released his newest single, “Boosted”, out today via Priority Records

Serving as his first release under Priority Records, Skrilla addresses the people around him who have watched from afar and doubted his skills as an artist. Tired of being counted out and spoken down to, Skrillauses his single, “Boosted” as a way to make a point. Throughout the song, Skrilla repeats the phrase, “I’m booted”, implying that he’s finally gotten started and he’s finally activated with his career. “Boosted” serves as the first single to his upcoming mixtape, Underworld, which will include other songs that will help listeners understand the dark but raw aura he brings to the music scene. 

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Skrilla stems from Kensington which is located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Throughout the struggles of growing up, Skrilla channels it within his music which has helped him develop his sound and artistry as he addresses it throughout his songs. The upcoming rapper has also been seen with the likes ofPNB Rock and Lil Uzi Vert, adding credibility to his artistry as he rises. With more to come, Skrilla will be a timeless and unforgettable artist for the next generation of music to come.

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