Pink Floyd’s New Great Gig, PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Sped Up Makeover, & More on TikTok

PARTYNEXTDOOR Speeds It Up, Baby Tate Flips a Classic, Plus New Trends from Grupo Frontera, Pink Floyd, and a Michigan Rap Favorite

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Sped-up songs are the latest phenomena taking over on TikTok, with songs like Summer Walker’s “Karma” (86.1K+ creations) and SZA’s “Awkward” (490.7K+ creations) receiving fast-paced makeovers. PARTYNEXTDOOR is the latest artist to receive a sped-up edit of his 2014 single, “Her Way.” Reaching over 474.8K creations on the platform, the song finds creators repurposing a dance choreographed by creator @amour.jordynn. Creators show off their best majorette moves as they list reasons why they love their son’s girlfriend, randomly pause their tasks to do the dance, and spend time with their crushes. In other recent videos, creators record their processes of packaging cupcakes, show off their new nails, and prepare a meal for a pre-Valentine’s Day proposal. Thanks to a boost from creators, the sped-up version was officially released on TikTok in early January.

Hailing from San Bernardino, CA, and McAllen, TX respectively, regional Mexican bands Fuerza Regidaand Grupo Frontera are winning over the hearts of the TikTok community with their recent collaboration “Bebe Dame.” Racking up over 227K+ creations, the romantic song soundtracks the various ways in which creators display and embrace love. The track inspires creations from those who are proud to flaunt their partner, are anticipating gifting their spouse with a renovated home, and even those who are already trying out new, heart-themed nail art to prepare for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. On their own accounts, Regida and Frontera excitedly show a recent live performance of the song and express gratitude to their fans as they share clips from their recent live show in Los Angeles. “Bebe Dame” recently reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart and #31 on Billboard Hot 100, marking Reguia and Frontera’s first #1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart, Regida’s first entry on the Hot 100, and Frontera’s highest entry on the Hot 100.

Following the success of his song “Romantic Homicide,” alt pop artist d4vd is taking TikTok by storm once again with his heartfelt track “Here With Me.” Creators deeply resonate with the lyrics, “I don’t care how long it takes. As long as I’m with you, I’ve got a smile on my face,” to the tune of 2.1M+ total creations. Across three sounds, with one being sped up, the TikTok community expresses their love for their dogs and thoughtful parents, reflects on loved ones they’ve lost, and reveals fun facts about their partners, such as Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara. For d4vd, the sound is the place for him to reminisce on his childhood and growth, tell fans about his upcoming tour, and thank fans for the support of the song. The support of the TikTok community recently helped propel the song to a #77 debut on the Billboard Hot 100.

While TikTok creators often find ways to breathe new life into throwback songs, artists also lean into the idea of putting their spin on nostalgic hits. Turning singer Toni Basil’s ‘80s classic into a Gen Z banger, Baby Tate inspires creators with her 2016 song “Hey, Mickey!” Garnering over 630K+ total creations, the song sparks the TikTok community’s creativity as they record their glammed-up beauty transformations, share DIY gift ideas, and show off their modeling skills. Baby Tate responded to the resurgence of her song on TikTok with comedic flair, thanking creators for interacting with the sound. Backed by the support of TikTok creators, “Hey, Mickey!” boasts over 9 million Spotify streams to date, becoming Baby Tate’s highest streamed song on the platform.

Since their arrival on TikTok in May 2022, nearly 50 years to the day after they began recording their iconic album The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd has maintained a regular presence on the platform, posting unique content like vintage tour footage and re-posting their favorite fan creations. This week, the legendary English band adds a trending TikTok sound to their list of career highlights, as “The Great Gig in the Sky” earned over 54.7k creations from creators as they flaunt their art on their own terms, thirst for some ’70s nostalgia, and share their music history knowledge over the track.A tireless force of creativity within the Michigan rap scene, YN Jay– known by many as the “Coochie Man”– helped launch his career on TikTok with hilarious songs like “Triple S” (207k creations), “Coochie Land” (145k total creations), and “Kakashi” (63.4k creations). Showcasing his effortless ability to craft trending tracks once again, YN Jay’s latest TikTok sensation “Percs & Sex” has creators doing their own renditions of the “perky dance” that Jay raps about on the track. Racking up over 135.4k creations, creators of all ages are getting down to the sound, even if they’re more inclined to ibuprofen and melatonin.