Prophet Massive in Atlanta at Aisle 5 with Space Kadet

Written By | Andre Buchanan

Prophet Massive came to Aisle 5 on Friday, July 5th for his tour. Aisle 5 is a popular venue located in Little Five Points of Atlanta, Ga.

Although the venue might be pretty small compared to some others, it still has enough room to dance around even with a sold out show, which made it the perfect venue for Prophet Massive fans. 

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Opening up for Prophet Massive was a band by the name of Space Kadet. Space Kadet is a local band that specializes in dance and electronic. Their music was very funky but yet had a little bit of a bass and a hint of dub in it. It’s kind of hard to explain it in words which is not a bad thing at all, but I guess you’re just going to have to give them a listen for yourself. The crowd was definitely enjoying the vibe that Space Kadet put out. 

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Prophet Massive is a project by a DJ named Jason Hann who is apart of other musical groups, SCI and EOTO. If you like EDM or liquid bass then you will love Prophet Massive. He started the set swinging hard with such heavy bass that would have your head bobbin.

Jason had all of his fans either dancing or stuck in a trance. On top of all of that, there was even an artist on stage doing a live painting. This was a long show, but no matter how late it got, I don’t think anybody wanted it to be over, but all things come to an end.

But the good thing is that you can stream Prophet Massive’s music on soundcloud and if you he happens to bring his tour near you, I highly recommend you buy a ticket. 

 Photo Credit: Andre Buchanan

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