RAAVE TAPES bring out their inner raave on new single ‘Red Flag’

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Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES have swiftly been winning over listeners across the country with their impeccably vibrant brand of dance-rock. Today, the now-duo return with ‘Red Flag’ – an offering that showcases a side of the act that is a lot more RAAVE, and a little less tape.

‘Red Flag’ was born out of the duo’s shared and all-too-common experiences of needing to use self-preservation tactics to avoid, yet appease, unwanted advances or encounters.

“One person’s lack of awareness, or deliberate disregard for boundaries can ruin your night, or have lasting impacts,” says guitarist Joab Eastley. “These experiences can range from frustrating and irritating, to completely terrifying.”

“As we wrote the song, the themes naturally led to Lindsay taking on more lead vocal duties than she had in the past.”


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The change in sonic direction was the result of a newfound harmonic collaboration between the band and producer Fletcher Matthews, who encouraged the duo to delve into the dark and effervescent soundscapes on ‘Red Flag’.