Rauw Alejandro at Atlanta’s Gas South Arena

Written and Captured By | Jeremiah Raffety

Following the release of his third studio album Saturno, Rauw Alejandro embarked on a world tour that would find him in his homeland of Puerto Rico, the United States, Europe, and much of South and Central America. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform on his fourth stop on the US tour at the Gas South Arena in Duluth, GA. And just as the title of the album suggests, it was out of this world. 

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Rauw didn’t have any openers as most performers typically do, but it would prove to be unnecessary as the crowd was already warmed up for him. The audience were greeted by a robotic voice announcing a countdown to the start of the show. Shortly after a gang of backup dancers graced the stage and began to perform.  As they got into their routine, smoke flooded the stage and out of the center emerged the king of modern reggaeton himself.

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The show didn’t feel as if it was a typical concert but more so a play with several acts, themes, and outfit changes. One act involved the backup dancers dressed as cyborgs that were made for Rauw, and they all began to dance in unison as he performed. In the interim of one of the acts, the world famous dance crew the Jabbawockeez graced the stage and performed to the delight of the audience. Following their brief performance, they stacked on top of each other and as the lights cut on, Rauw could be seen in the center of them, almost as if he was sitting on a mechanical throne. Lastly, my personal favorite act was when Rauw was hoisted up in a harness with blue lighting surrounding him–giving him the appearance of performing floating in space. 

Overall, the show was phenomenal. I would hardly consider myself a fan of reggaeton, but Rauw Alejandro’s show has me considering taking a deeper dive into the genre. Not only were the performances superb, but the overall vibe of the show felt as if it was a layered and theatrical production.

Jeremiah Rafferty