Puerto Rican artist ROA release “PA CUANDO” alongside Chile’s very own artist Young Cister. The single creatively infuses R&B elements with reggaeton, producing a laid back and sexy tune. This track represents a cultural impact from rising artists coming from Puerto Rico and Chile to the world. “PA CUANDO” is now available on all digital music platforms.

Earlier in June, both artists teased the single creating an impactful social media buzz such as over half million impressions across the TikTok and Instagram platforms and received significant media pickup by media in Chile Latin America, U.S Latin.

Followed by ROA’s music sequence in the last 65 days, “PA CUANDO” marks the third single from the artist. Previous successful releases include “Bellakeame” and “JETSKI”. The single was composed by Roa and Young Cister and produced by Botlok, who has worked on with Jhayco as well as Chilean rising producer Moustache (Polimá Westcoast, Cris MJ).

The “PA CUANDO” official music video is set to release August 4th at 8pm EST. The video was filmed in Santiago, Chile by video producer Pepe Garrido. The video highlights outstanding performance scenes from both artists accompanied by a backend story from a couple who have a passionate connection.

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Earlier this month ROA’s previous single “JETSKI” generated outstanding buzz with over 2.5 million reach with Puerto Rico’s most influential female celebrities such as Mimi Pabon, Jacky Fontanez, Natalia Martinez, among others, who shared engaging content using the track on social media. Stay tuned for more news from ROA!