On Monday, September 10th, 2018, The Ramona Flowers and Stereophonics took over The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto for the Scream Above The Sounds Tour. The title of this particular tour also happens to be the name of Stereophonics tenth album, which was released back in October of 2017. Fans were very excited to have the chance to experience such an awesome lineup, and despite the rainy weather, moods were at an all-time high.


The night began with The Ramona Flowers, a band from England consisting of Steve Bird (vocals), Dave Betts (keys/guitar), Ed Gallimore (drummer), Sam Jones (guitar) and Wayne Jones (bass) taking the stage. If the name sounds familiar, that is because the band took the inspiration for it from the fictional character Ramona Flowers, from the comic series Scott Pilgrim VS The World. The Ramona Flowers are not new to the spotlight; with three albums out and visits to cities all over the world, they had many fans in the audience singing along with them through their set.

I had never heard of The Ramona Flowers prior to attending this show myself but found their musical style very interesting. They’re this cool mix of electronica, pop, and rock. I found myself dancing and bobbing along as I was taking photos, they were a lot of fun to see live. Each song had a unique aspect that I really dug! The Ramona Flowers produced fantastic lyrics, great live vocals, and wonderful energetic stage presence; it’s always a pleasure to see a band really in their element and enjoying themselves, this show was a prime example of that.
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Stereophonics headlined the night, performing their new songs and sneaking in a few favorites from the past. This Welsh band consisting of
Kelly Jones (vocals, guitar), Richard Jones (bass), Adam Zindani (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Jamie Morrison (drums) was formed in the 90’s and has had countless hits over the years. Their third album Just Enough Education to Perform went five times platinum in 2001. It was clear that they had many fans in attendance because the moment they appeared on stage, there wasn’t a person in that room who was not cheering for them.

I grew up listening to Stereophonics and was really looking forward to seeing them live. I have always admired their alternative style. They definitely did not disappoint and had the entire place roaring and shaking with booming fan screams and jumping in place. Aside from having an absolutely phenomenal set, I noticed a lovely little thing about these talented musicians – they tried to make eye contact with every person, every camera, and every phone that they could see. This is the kind of thing that makes fans and media alike feel like these incredible people really see us; it’s special and hypes every single person up.
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Overall, The Ramona Flowers and Stereophonics put on awesome and memorable sets during their trip to Toronto!

Keep up to date on all things The Ramona Flowers on their Facebook, Instagram, Spotifyand Youtube. Check out the newest released music video from The Ramona Flowers below.

Keep up to date on all things Stereophonics on their Facebook, Instagram, Spotifyand Youtube. Check out the newest released music video from Stereophonics below.

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