Simple Minds at the Paramount Theatre in Denver Colorado

Written By | Colin Lloyd

A line wraps around the corner of Glen arm and 16th street as the brightly illuminated marquis reads “Simple Minds 10/18.” From standing in line, to entering the Paramount Theatre and walking down the aisle, you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the room as the consistently filling venue patiently waited for the Scottish band to take the stage. Suddenly, the house lights went out, the stage lights lit up the room and The Signal and the Noise started blaring through the speakers. The crowd was electrified, instantaneously rising out of their seats, screaming and cheering before a single band member had even taken the stage.

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As a young, 22 year old, I was outnumbered by the fans of the band who could sing along to every one of the hits Simple Minds played time after time. At the base of the stage the fans were reaching up, hoping to get a touch of lead vocalist Jim Kerr, and some being the lucky ones who Kerr would reach for. Kerr took the stage with a mighty presence, full of enthusiasm and “happy to be back in Denver.”

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The rest of the band, just as full of enthusiasm and energetic as Kerr, from Ged Grimes to Cherisse Osei and Sarah Brown, each doing their own parts and adding uniqueness to a truly incredible show, from Kerr swinging the microphone above his head, to Gordy Goudie’s unique style of guitar playing, and the overall chemistry between every person on that stage and with the crowd overall, all taking place inside the stunning Paramount Theatre.

Simple Minds certainly does need not worry, because like their own hit song Don’t You (Forget About Me), Denver won’t be forgetting about them anytime soon.

Photos By | Colin Lloyd

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