Sleeping With Sirens Makes a Long Awaited Return to Philadelphia

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Written By | Kasey Canter

After two and a half years, Sleeping With Sirens finally returned to Philadelphia with  their CTRL+ALT+DEL Tour. Union Transfer was full of old and new fans all brought together with the same excitement the past few years have built up to get to see this return to Philly. The night was full of dancing, screaming lyrics, and a whole love of love.

The night started out with Garzi – who did their 1st ever performance in Philadelphia, so the crowd the what they do best and gave all of our Philly love ! The set beginning to end you could see people dancing and smiling throughout the venue. This show was a lot of peoples introduction to this performer, but everyone definitely knew and sang along to the song “MESS” that features Sleeping With Sirens own, Kellin Quinn.

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Next to the stage was the California trio, Point North. Vocalist, Jon Lundin, lead the stage wearing a cool, funky pair of sunglasses that really set the tone for the crowd to just have a good time. Their set beginning to end, including their fun intro before walking onstage, was full of energy, and even lead to the start of having some crowd surfers pop up in the crowd!

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Next up was Don Broco, all the way from England, to deliver a blast of energy into the room. This band never fails to bring endless joy to any room they perform in, and try to keep the crowd as involved as possible all set. Between vocalist, Rob Damiani, bouncing from side to side on stage, and guitarist, Si Delaney, hyping the crowd up with high kicks left and right – there was not one person standing still all set.

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Last to grace the stage, the ones everyone have waited hours to see, Sleeping With Sirens opened up their set easing the crowd in with “Break Me Down”. This set was built to honor the older fans, and welcome all the new by closing their set with a new single, “Bloody Knuckles,” and 3 of their most popular older songs – closing out with “If You Can’t Hang” – that nobody could resist singing along to. An energy filled set, broken up with a small captivating acoustic set in the middle, was the most perfect welcome back to Philly.

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It is safe to say that everyone left Union Transfer with a smile after this show. Sleeping With Sirens over the years have created a community that feels like a family, and even after these years that have passed, this show proved that that is still very much intact. Definitely a night full of dancing and smiles, and definitely a night to remember.

Photos By | Kasey Canter