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Small Black with Korine in Denver, CO at Marquis Theater

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Written By | Aidan Hicks

Despite the California wildfire smoke clouding Denver, spirits were alive and well going into  Small Blacks’ Cheap Dreams Tour alongside duo Korine at Marquis Theater on August 10th, 2021. Promoting their latest album, Cheap Dreams, Small Black return to Colorado for the first time in years spanning a 12-year discography, bringing a mix of old fans from their New Chain days and new listeners, like myself, together to one room of nothing but good vibes.

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Kicking off the show, the electronic duo Korine bring their versatility from their The Night We RiseThe balance of Morgy Ramones’ vocals & dancing with the guitar-playing from Trey Frye was a solid starter for the night. Ramones knows how to captivate an audience with Frye riding off her energy, mixing their growing discography with experimenting on unreleased music. Once their set ended, you hope they’ll be back soon to headline and once again give their all.

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Small Black walked on with roars from a welcoming packed crowd where the energy just went hand in hand. Kolenik on keyboards, Ryan Heyner and Juan Pieczanski goin’ back & fourth on guitar, and Jeff Curtains’  drum skills goin’ through your chest kept the crowd on their feet and off the ground at multiple points. Being a new listener, you can tell these guys never disappoint hoping between their recent work and classics, welcoming all listeners and kept the energy up enough to extend their setlist with two surprise songs. If you’re looking for a balance of music to relax to with a welcoming fanbase environment, both Small Black and Korine are for you!