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Written By | Chantal Burau

Superorganism stopped on their World Wide Pop-Tour at the Hole 44, in Berlin, to promote their same-titled new album and were joined by Dylan Cartlidge and his band. 

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The evening started off on a high note with Dylan Cartlidge and his band offering a loose set. Joined by his fiancé as backing vocals, the band spread feel good vibes, one song after another, that made the small crowd dance and sing along and set the mood for the rest of the evening. Their vocals harmonized well and Dylan had a great stage presence, performing and while interacting with the audience. The highlight of their set was Dylan asking 3 fans for different words and improvising a rap song with them, leaving the audience wanting more. Later on during the break he joined the crowd and caught up with said fans. 

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Leading towards the set of Superorganism, the club filled up a lot more. The group, now consisting of five members, started their set soon after. The crowd was very energetic and went along with experimental and unusual sounds of the songs. At times the songs got a little confusing and overpacked with the different sounds and mixed the at times blank sounding vocals. But somehow the creative mixture of synth pop, spiked with electronic and indie vibes still works overall, especially for the fans. When after listening to it first, it could seem like the music would be targeted to a mostly younger group of people, the audience was really mixed. Their performance was also accompanied by dance moves from themselves and singer Orono crying happy-tears and letting the audience see a more vulnerable side besides the moody vocals and lyrics. Highlights of Superorganism’s set were getting fans up on stage, mid-set and at the end and guest vocals from their support Dylan Cartlidge. 

Photos By | Chantal Burau