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The Black Dahlia Murder – Out From the Sewer Tour in Chicago at Concord Music Hall

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Written By | Jeremy Messmore

I’d like to start my review by thanking the staff at Concord Music Hall, we are still in strange times in terms of large events and the staff working this sold out show really went above and beyond to ensure safety was a priority between checking vaccine cards and covid tests, as well as making sure masks stayed on through the show. It made a large event like this a lot more welcoming.

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Opening the show was Undeath from Rochester, New York. The band brought classic death metal vibes reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse. Their live sound absolutely blows away expectations from recordings, the guitars sounded full and blended well with the vocalists guttural yells.

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Next up was Rivers of Nihil. Unfortunately due to technical issues, their set was cut to two songs, but they used the time well. They cultivated a very atmospheric metal experience, full of intricate riffs and interesting timing. It was clear that everyone wanted more after such a short outing.

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In the middle of the line up was Carnifex. Their set focused mostly on new material from their new album, Graveside Confessions that had released that day. Each song felt like a sonic punch to the chest, bass drop after bass drop. The band also had a very strong image, all the members were wearing corpse paint and they adorned the stage with large pentagrams, it was a spectacle.

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Before the main act was After the Burial. ATB had huge energy all through their set, getting the crowd very involved in jumping, moshing and crowd surfing. It was clear that nearly a year and a half off from touring had not had an impact on the fluidity that this band has in a live show, every song was executed flawlessly.

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Closing out the, as vocalist Trevor Strnad put it “filthy” line-up was the all-mighty The Black Dahlia Murder. The band opened their set aptly with the song I Will Return off the Deflorate album. The band played a fantastic mix ranging from their first release all the way up to the most current, Verminious. Guitarist, Brandon Ellis was a spectacle, absolutely tearing through the complex setlist with ease, a virtuoso. It was clear through the set that the band was extremely happy to be back, in spite of playing songs about all manner of horrific things they all kept a smile on their face almost the entire night. Hopefully the next time TBDM comes through, everything will be in a better place and they can see that everyone is having just as much fun as they were.