The National Parks & WILD in Atlanta at Vinyl

Written By | Andre Buchanan

On Thursday, Sept 5, dedicated fans lined up to see some of their favorite bands at Vinyl at Center Stage in Atlanta. Center Stage is one of the most popular venues in the Atlanta area. It may not be the biggest venue but because of the size and the different rooms inside the venue, it’s a great venue to be close enough to the stage so that performers can engage with their fans and really put on a great show. Anticipating the wait, fans ordered their drinks, browsed the mercy table and mingled with others as the time grew closer to the first band to come on stage.

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Starting the night off right was the band WILD. WILD is an alternative/indie band all the way from Los Angeles, California, which consist of some amazingly talented members. Singing her heart out while playing the piano, there is Lauren Luiz. Standing next to her on stage you will find Zach Degaetano killing it on vocals and guitar. Then there is Topher Gale going crazy on the drums. When you hear that nice bass guitar in the background, just know that’s Wesley Johnson doing his thing. And of course we can’t forget about Tyler Thompson bringing some soul with the fender. WILD’s music will put you in a happy place and give you some good vibes.

They have songs that make you want to dance and songs that just make you want to sway from side to side. Oh and did I mention they did a cover of Florence and the Machines ‘Dog Days’. They’ve got a new single out now called ‘I Believe in Us’ which means a new album is coming soon. But don’t wait till their album to come out to listen to them, check out their earlier stuff as well.

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With such a great opener, what’s even better is a great ender. Next up coming to the stage was The National Parks. While getting the stage ready for the band, out comes mic’s and other equipment decorated with foliage. There was even a green LED cactus in the back. The mood was def set for The National Parks.

Once everything was set, The National Parks came out with great energy. Starting it off, a drum was brought out in which band members Sydney Macfarlane and Megan Parks went to town on. This got the crowd hyped and after that drum was done being pummeled, the rest of the band came out. This four piece group is made up of Brady Parks as the lead vocalist along side with his wife Megan Parks as the amazing violinist. Crushing the keys is the very talented Sydney Macfarlane. And then you have Cam Brannelly destroying the drums.

The National Parks has so much energy and each individually bring something special to the stage. There was not one dull moment during their performance and each song was just as good if not better than the last one. Remember when I was saying that this venue was great for engagement with the crowd? Well, this band even got off stage and performed while being surrounded with fans. I highly recommend giving The National Parks a listen. They are still touring so if you see them coming to a city near you, make sure you’re at that show. You won’t regret it.

Photo Credit: Andre Buchanan

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