The Suffers in Atlanta at Vinyl

Written By | Tavohn Glover 

Photo By | Tavohn Glover

Saturday nights are usually filled with great friend gatherings, dressing up with a new outfit you purchased the previous day, getting a couple drinks, and hookups. At the VinylATL it was everything you could expect on a Saturday night plus more.

Photo By | Tavohn Glover

Kicking off the night to set the tone was a band named The Hipps, Local hometown heroes that played an assortment of songs to get the crowd moving and feeling good. Lead guitarist Nate Cain moves the crowd with his melodic and tuneful voice while keeping a comical presence trading off jokes with keyboardist James Deveau and the crowd.

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Fans continue to cheer as some of the band leaves the stage for a partial break and Nate breaks out into solo song, more of a moody and personal sad song Nate Cain describes it before performing and making vivid eye contact with the crowd. The rest of the band hops back on stage to perform one last song called Take it off my hands, which is on all streaming services, most people sung along as they closed out their set preparing for the headliners, The Suffers.

Fans had their cups filled while on a brief intermission break but started to rush back to the front of the stage once they seen band members start to come up. Lead vocalist Kam Franklin rushed the staged and brought a goddess like presence with her. As they performed a couple of songs Kam had stopped to let everybody know that the band was under the weather but still going to give a fantastic show, and that they did. From an array of soul, and RnB The suffers had the crowd dancing, laughing, and socializing with each other making it known that whatever trouble you have outside the venue leave it there, you came here for a good time and that’s exactly what they provided.

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