On October 27th, 2018, Barns Courtney and headliner, The Wombats, made their IMPRINT at The Danforth in Toronto. The evening may have been cold, snowy and gave us Canadians a taste of the winter to come, but the party inside was packing the heat. With a decent crowd forming before the first set began, I knew this was going to be a fantastic night.

Starting the night out perfectly, Barns Courtneys contagious energy and high spirit spread throughout the venue the moment he stepped on stage.

This singer, songwriter, and musician from London, England, had the audience absolutely hyped up over his catchy folk-pop songs. He had fans of all ages signing his lyrics out with him, dancing like nobody was watching and totally wrapped around his little finger. Barns played the role of a conductor for a minute and had the audience cheer and silence with the movement of his arms. At one point, he had everyone in the venue sitting down and then jump up with him suddenly. His smoky voice, wild attitude and fantastic band mates behind him made this set a very memorable one for me.

I was so impressed with Barns Courtney, how took charge of the space and made himself at home on this Toronto stage. I loved how he connected with everyone; those mushed against the barricades and wallflowers alike. His performance overall was phenomenal. I’ve added many Barns Courtney songs to my Spotify playlist since this show and cannot wait for him to come back this way again.
View More images of Barns Courtney HERE.
Watch a video of Barns Courtney here.

The setup time between sets went by quicker than I expected and soon enough the lighting changed, prepping the venue for the final set.

The Wombats, an indie pop-rock trio from Liverpool, England headlined the night and definitely brought the fire. The venue before their set had been full, but once they had started and I glanced around, I couldn’t believe how many more people had arrived; Toronto showed up for the Wombats. At IMPRINT, we had previous coverage of the Wombats at the beginning of October in Denver, so to cover them again in Canada at the end of the month was a pleasure.

Touring for so long can’t be easy and sleep is almost non-existent for these guys; to see so them give so much passion was mind blowing. Every single one of these guys had energy that should have been illegal. Tord was jumping so high, it was if he had springs on the bottom of his feet and he took over the entire stage. Murph had a fantastic voice that sounded the same live as it does in his professional recorded content and Dan killed it on the drums. I found myself singing and dancing along while taking photos; this show was more fun than it was work! Both Barns Courtney and The Wombats put on remarkable live sets! The night was a blast and I highly suggest that others get out to see them in the future too!
View More images of The Wombats HERE.
Watch a video of The Wombats here.

Keep up-to-date with all things THE WOMBATS by checking out the official website, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and spotify. Watch the newest released music video below.

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