Tove Lo Releases Official Video For “hey you got drugs?” and BLUE LIPS ASL Edition



It’s been another incredible year for the multi-platinum selling artist Tove Lo. Uncompromising and always one to blaze her own path, the Swedish chart-topper celebrates a spectacular year, which saw the release of her latest full-length BLUE LIPS, a short film of the same title, collaborations with Major LazerCharli XCXIcona Pop, ALMA and Elliphant, plus tours and festivals all around the world. Now, to honor the release of the fan favorite song taken from BLUE LIPSTove Lo has released an official video for “hey you got drugs?” today.

The touching video highlights special moments from Tove’s last year. In a note to her fans, acknowledging the requests she’s received over the last year to honor the track, she posted on Instagram “I heard your wishes babes. Here’s something pretty beautiful we put together for ‘hey you got drugs?’! Thank you for your endless love and support. You’re all magic.”

Earlier this week, Tove Lo also released a special ASL version of BLUE LIPS for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Having become increasingly aware that deaf people have been fighting for access to music videos and live performances for a long time, she teamed up with Amber G Productions to help start a trend amongst mainstream artists in helping provide access to the deaf and hard of hearing. Tove commented “I’ve been working on a special project with the deaf community to make Blue Lips ASL accessible, and I’m so excited to finally share it. Thank you to Amber Galloway Gallego for sharing your passion for this cause and helping me reach fans who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience my music, and my new friends, the incredible interpreters, who contributed their time and talents to their videos. You’re all rockstars and I hope we can continue to work together to further this important movement.”

In a statement from Amber G Productions founder Amber Galloway Gallego, she explained: “Collaborating with Tove Lo, Amber G Productions has been honored to experience seeing access happen when an artist simply cares and wants inclusion. There’s this whole beautiful community of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who have been trying to get the artists to hear them for so long! Tove heard them and made it happen.”

Access BLUE LIPS ASL versions HERE


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