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Trophy Eyes headlined a massive show at The Forum in Melbourne, Australia

Written By | Hannah Robinson

On Saturday the 20th of October Trophy Eyes returned to Melbourne on The American Dream tour for their final Australian show of 2018. This time they took on The Forum with their good friends STUMPS, Maddy Jane and Dear Seattle opening the night.

The queues built up early, unbothered by the constant rainfall and as STUMPS took the stage around eight o’clock the room was already starting to fill up, only continuing to fill with excited, dancing patrons throughout Maddy Jane and Dear Seattle’s sets.

Four-pieced Sydney band, STUMPS, lay the groundwork for the night with their indie/rock sound. Songs such as “Conversation, Conversations” got everyone moving and warming up for the night ahead. The tunes vocalist Kyle Fisher, guitarist Michael Sacco, bassist Merrick Powell, and drummer Jonny Dolan were performing were the kind you couldn’t help but dance along to. It seemed like not many people could sing along to all of STUMPS’ songs but they were certainly taken by this band.

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Maddy Jane continued the indie/rock genre, also throwing in a pop element as the 22 year old Tasmanian charmed with her powerful voice. Her energy was lively and bright which perfectly matched her orange jumpsuit and bright red, electric guitar. My take on her sound would be a wonderful, unique combination of the likes of Missy Higgins and Alanis Morissette.

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The moment Sydney originating, indie/punk/rock band, Dear Seattle stepped on stage all I could think was “so much hair!”. Each of the four members: vocalist Brae Fisher, guitarist Lachlan Simpson, bassist Jeremy Baker and drummer Josh McKay, had a brilliant head of hair that they definitely knew how to use in their performance. There was lots of enthusiasm and banter and the crowd was absolutely eating it up, laughing as Josh Mckay messed up the intro of their final song “Maybe”. Although nothing could tarnish Dear Seattle’s performance to this adoring audience.

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The beautiful theatre had a buzz of exhilaration in the air as everyone patiently waited for Trophy Eyes, which seemed to increase as a crew member filled glitter canons with gold, shiny streamers. The bass was so strong, the kind of strength where it shakes the entire room. I found myself loving the way I could feel it in my chest, but apologising profusely to my poor eardrums that could also feel the vibrations. I enjoyed watching the ripples they formed in the water inside a plastic cup that had been abandoned atop a subwoofer next to me.

The anticipation was building as Trophy Eyes’ guitarists Kevin Cross and Andrew Hallet, bassist Jeremy Winchester, and drummer Blake Caruso entered the stage, taking a few minutes to tune their instruments (and let the crowd mentally and emotionally prepare themselves) before lead vocalist, John Floreani, came bounding onto the stage. One thing I quickly learned… wow this band knows how to feel. Every song was so genuine and the many infatuated fans in the room felt every word they sang along to, right back at them.

The massive show included smoke canons, insanely cool pyrotechnics and of course the aforementioned shiny gold streamers that were soon hanging from the ceiling. There seemed to be an endless flow of crowd-surfers making their way to the front with gigantic smiles on their faces where they were lifted out by security, only to run back into the pit to keep the party going. I have a huge amount of respect for those security guards, they did a wonderful job at keeping everyone safe.

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The night flew by in a rush of old songs, new songs and sea full of torch lights. Friends and strangers alike came together in honour of these bands to celebrate, to have fun and to feel. They lifted each other above their heads, chanted, danced and swayed together and it seemed like they never wanted to leave. After exiting the stage but returning for encore songs “You can Count on Me” and “I Can Feel it Calling”, Trophy Eyes put their arms around each other, a final cheer for a final bow, follow by Kevin Cross smashing his guitar on the ground in true punk rock fashion, and just like that it was over. I know this was a night so many will keep in the hearts forever, it will stay in mine as another beautiful night on which I got to witness the power of live music and the way it can bring people together.

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