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Underøath Erase Me tour is “Nothing Short of Invincible”

Written By | Elizabeth Walker

Underøath, Dance Gavin  Dance, Crown the Empire, The Plot in You

The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA– 12.13.2018

Underøath has always contributed immeasurably to the post-hardcore and heavy rock scene. Their first album in eight years was released in April of this year ironically called “Erase Me”. The tour solidifies, in fact, that it is impossible to erase the impact Underoath had on us and the hole they left in their absence.

Fans in Atlanta showed up well before doors opened, packing out the Tabernacle. Supporting Underøath this circuit were The Plot in You, Crown the Empire, and Dance Gavin Dance – all incredible performances.

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As it grew later, the openers exited the stage. Around 9:30pm the stage lit up illuminated in green light, a symbol of the band’s aesthetic. Now, I’ve never seen Underøath myself personally – so I wasn’t sure what to expect of Spencer Chamberlain, their fearless vocalist. He practically catapulted onto the stage greeted by a roar of excited fans.


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“On my Teeth” off Erase Me was the first song that resonated through the wooden walls of the Tabernacle. In addition to Erase Me songs such as “Rapture” and “Ihateit”, Underøath continued to play cult favorites such as  Young and Aspiring” and “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out of your Front Door” from 2004’s They’re Only Chasing Safety. Underøath then continued to bless us with hits from Define the Great Line of 2006 and Lost in the Sound of Separation of 2008.

Underøath spans genres from metal, emo, screamo, and experimental. The electrifying vocals and vivid explosions of color are what I remember most from the show. The lighting and set design came together so perfectly with the melody.

Before what Spencer claimed was the last song, the singer boldly addressed his issues with substance abuse and struggle with mental health issues that almost took his life.

Underoath (

“Music is the answer. Thank you for saving my life”

The song, “I gave up” was then played and cut deep to all of our souls, many of whom like me, who were fans from the very beginning of Underøath’s career. They exited the stage and honoring tradition, we all stayed and chanted for another song, banging on the floorboards.

A cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” ensued in acoustic for the first half and then in larger than life rock. “Writing on the Walls” was the final encore- “You still got energy Atlanta?” screamed Chamberlain.

To say Underøath is back would be an understatement. Make sure to follow them the next time they hit North America, and check out Erase Me that came out this year as well.

Photos By | Elizabeth Walker

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