Vallejo’s Benny lets us in on what he’s overcome in “You Don’t Know” video

Benny’s only 20 years old but he has enough stories for three lifetimes. In his latest intimate video for “You Don’t Know,” Vallejo’s Benny pulls the curtain back on his childhood, revealing real family photos of him as a baby, his family members, and the loved ones he’s lost. Director Jay Omar chose the laundromat setting because of the significance of laundromats to Benny’s childhood. Benny explains, “growing up we spent a bunch of time at laundromats with my mom. Long, boring days with no snacks, just sitting there.” The song is as reflective as I’d imagine those laundry days were — Benny explores the immense stress he’s under, culminating with the lines:

“I got bags on my eyes

I got bodies on my mind

I got n****s fighting cases doing real fed time 

I got families to feed 

I hear voices in my sleep.”

“You Don’t Know” is the fourth track on his recently announced his third project Different. It’s a 10-track look into the unwavering grit and wisdom Benny possesses. At 17, Benny was homeless, living out of a car. When record labels were trying to reach out to the artist whose songs had made splashes online, the high-school dropout had no phone. Benny has also refused to be limited by creative boxes. He made music that defied the conventions of his neighborhood. The songs are real, often vulnerable, and even the coldest subject matters are presented with warm melodies. True to his 2018 album title, the creative risk-taking was Dangerous, especially as a figure in the street. Now, on his most focused body of work, the Black and Filipino rapper and singer encourages others to embrace being Different (due 11/30, via EMPIRE).


Different tracklist:
1. Bang It
2. Pickle (Interlude)
3. Talk To Me
4. You Don’t Know
5. Not Gone Jaws
6. Breathe ft. Bandlife Birdy
7. Trip
8. Myself Pt. 2
9. Let Me Go
10. Out of Time

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