Wardrobe Must-Haves, What We’ll Be Wearing in 2023

As we enter into the spring-summer season for 2023, you may be starting to change out the clothing in your wardrobe. With warmer days and lighter evenings, you need different things from your wardrobe; from lighter fabrics to garden party-ready looks. Whether you’re reconsidering your approach to style, purging your closet of outdated or ill-fitting pieces, or looking to refresh and improve your entire collection of wardrobe necessities, there are certain staples that you should have all year round.

Denim is everywhere at the moment and the double denim trend is back with a bang. While this might be the look of the summer, quality denim is and always will be a staple.

Start with a well-fitting pair of jeans. This may take some time to find and could involve multiple try-on sessions. If you aren’t sure where to get started, consider what wash and fit of denim you’d like. This will depend on how you intend to wear them, lighter, baggier jeans are more appropriate for casual wear, whereas darker, tighter-fitting pairs are more formal, ideal if you plan on wearing them to work or out for drinks.

All brands fit slightly differently so once you find one that you like, it can work well to buy multiple pairs in different styles.

Simple Day Jewellery

If you are looking for a simple way to make everyday outfits look effortlessly chic, building up a collection of jewelry you can wear daily is the way to do it.

Look for pieces that will complement your current wardrobe, such as a classic pair of diamond earrings or a delicate chain. Search for items that you can wear during the day, through to the evening for more dressy events. Don’t rush the process here, take your time buying jewelry that you really love, that will stand the test of time.

Chic Trainers

Although trainers are typically associated with the gym, there is now a range of chic options available that can be dressed up and worn with a number of different outfits, from work attire to daytime wear, and even evening dos.

If you buy from a reputable brand and opt for a long-lasting, weatherproof fabric such as leather, these shoes will carry you through summer and into winter too.

Transitional jacket

Moving from one season to another, it can be difficult to know how to layer. Arguably the biggest fashion conundrum is what jacket to wear so that you won’t be too warm in spring and summer but that you won’t be too cold in autumn and winter.

Finding a versatile jacket that you can layer with is an effective way to do this. A leather jacket, trench coat or neutral bomber are all good options.