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The Loft
Photo By | Rita Harper

On November 21st, The Birth of Queen Naija Tour made a stop at The Loft in Atlanta, Ga. The loft is a classic modern aesthetic concert site in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. I arrived to a double line wrapped around the entire venue with fans eagerly waiting to get inside. Throughout the crowd I heard everyone speaking in excited tones about which songs they could not wait to hear from their favorite soulful songbird.

Once the doors for the venue were opened, fans hurriedly rushed inside to get a perfect spot to see Queen Naija.

Once entering, the dj wasted no time. Colorful bright lights were brought up, and he instantly went into spinning current smash hits such as Cardi B “Money”, and City Girls “Twerk”, turning the awaited arrival for Queen Naija into a light spirited party.

Ar'mon and Trey
Photo By | Rita Harper

The first act to the stage was Ar’mon and Trey, a smooth, charismatic R&B duo who are also viral sensations in their own right. Fans are immediately entranced as Ar’mon and Trey begin to serenade the crowd with tracks familiar to them. Young girls are singing their hearts out and screaming out in admiration of the handsome heartthrobs, a perfect opening to the show.

Taylor Girlz
Photo By | Rita Harper

The next delightful surprises to the audience were the Taylor Girlz, a feisty, high-energy rap duo, from Atlanta Ga. As they hit the stage to perform their hit single “Steal Her Man”, the crowd rapped along word for word, obviously a fan favorite record. Ar’mon and Trey stayed on stage as well and joined in on the fun.

Mod Da God
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The last opener, Mod Da God, brought a different perspective to the stage, with more conscious and thought provoking tracks such as “F.E.E.L”. He commanded a still thoughtful energy from the crowd. He ended his set with an anthem that showcased his amazing lyrical talent “Gangsta”.

After the last openers performance, the crowd became EXTREMELY anxious, and frantically chatting about when Queen Naija would finally make her appearance. They began pleading for her to come out, yelling “WE WANT QUEEN! WE WANT QUEEN!” in unison. When she still didn’t make her arrival, the entire crowd began singing her own songs in perfect harmony to the stage as a plea for her to come out. It was moving.

The lights were dimmed and the crowd’s request was fulfilled. Queen Naija was welcomed to the stage with screams of endearment.

She began by singing covers and renditions to classic songs such as Bob Caldwell’s “What You Wont Do For Love’, and a soulful remix to the “Proud Family Intro”. Her voice is powerfully soulful, and her range is flawless and captivating.

She then goes into performing her hit fan favorites beginning with “Medicine”. The crowd is swaying and singing along under the trance of her magical voice. The next tune she goes into perform is “Bad Boy”, another favorite track about the perils of being a “good girl”, dealing with the stereotypical rough edged “bad boy”. She then goes right into the radio smash hit “Karma”, obviously the favorite of the night. It was sonic perfection to the room, and the song fans were most eager to hear performed.

Lastly, in a spiritually moving moment, Queen Naija performed “War Cry”. A ballad that expresses her deep disdain for the spiritual warfare taking place across the world, and a cry for peace for all. The song is emotionally moving as she sings passionately about corruption,war, and natural disasters across the world. The room is brought to tears and chills sweep the room as she croons, “Devil you can’t have my mind, devil you can’t have my soul”!

Queen Naija
Photo By | Rita Harper

After this touching performance, Queen Naija ended her showcase in the most beautiful way possible, with a prayer for the audience. We all bowed our heads, closed our eyes, and she prayed for the safety of the crowd as we left the venue and for a sound mind, body and spirit. That we would not let the materialism of the world affect us as we went on to continue with our daily lives. A thoughtful and loving ending to an amazing show.

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