What Makes A Good HR Department? Find Out Here

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Hiring a good HR department is one of the best investments you can make as an employer. But how do you know what kind of employees to hire, and what makes them good? If you want to know, this article will point out those qualities!

Organization Skills

HR professionals are responsible for assisting their organizations with employee recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and succession planning. They also help create an overview of the company’s diversity and inclusion policies. 

With so many tasks that they are in charge of, they need to have the organizational skills to be able to keep up.

Great Communication

HR professionals need great communication to help employees understand their rights and responsibilities as well as the company’s expectations. They also need to be able to handle any issues that come up. The team at believe that a good HR department will have a clear chain of command and regular communication between the various departments within the company. It should also be able to respond quickly to employee inquiries and complaints.

To create better communication, you should try these tips: 

Make it clear. Make everyone on your staff aware of laws regarding wage negotiation, overtime, and minimum wage. This will help them to understand what the law says and allows each worker to make their own mind up about the minimum wage that they agree with for themselves. 

You should talk about the pros and cons of minimum wage and even how you can get exemptions from this, if necessary. Address any concerns before they arise and head off misunderstandings about what is expected of employees. 

You should also highlight other protections for workers like setting up an employee assistance hotline or toolbox at work that contains all the legislation you have to deal with such as insurance details.

A good HR department knows how to answer sensitive questions so that there is no potential confusion on issues.

Lead By Example

Great HR departments are made up of people who lead by example. They set the right example for their team and make sure that everyone is following the company’s policies and procedures. 

HR professionals are increasingly expected to be more than just admin staff. They need to be advocates for their organization and help shape the culture and the way that people work.


HR professionals are often seen as inaccessible and unapproachable. This is inaccurate but can be damaging to a company’s culture. In order to create an effective HR department, it’s important to find ways to make employees feel welcome and comfortable discussing HR-related topics. 

This starts with creating a welcoming environment. Make sure all communication channels, for example, email, HR webpages, intranet pages, and employee handbooks, are easy to use and searchable. Make sure all materials are current and relevant, and that all staff members are aware of any changes. 

Additionally, maintain open lines of communication between HR staff and management. Clearly communicate expectations for attendance and performance, offer feedback on job performance, and respond promptly to employee inquiries. 

Finally, remember that HR professionals are not therapists or legal counsel. Don’t expect them to provide personal or emotional support. Let employees know that they can turn to their supervisor for help if they need it, but don’t hesitate to point out areas in which they need improvement.

By maintaining a positive relationship with your HR department, you’ll ensure that your company fosters an inclusive environment where employees feel free to speak up about any issues they may have

Ethical Decision-Making

A good HR department is essential to a company’s success. With the right people in place, HR can help to ensure that the organization fulfills its ethical obligations. A good HR department should be aware of the company’s mission statement and values and should use these to make decisions. 

It should also know how the company operates and which employees might pose a risk. By making ethical decisions, a good HR department can protect the company from legal liability and protect its employees from discrimination.

Maintains Passion

A good HR department should maintain a passionate and personal interest in the company’s culture, values, and goals. This ensures that HR is constantly looking for new ways to improve the company’s operations. 

Additionally, a passionate HR department strives to create a positive environment where employees feel appreciated and respected.

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A good HR department is efficient. They need to be able to handle all of the paperwork and interactions with employees effectively so that everyone knows what’s going on and there are no disruptions. 

They should also have a good understanding of employee policies so that they can quickly detect any discrepancies or potential problems.

In any business, finding and retaining the right employees is key to success. That’s why it’s so important that your HR department has the qualities and skills that make a great team. By finding employees who are ethical, passionate, and organized, you can create an unstoppable HR department.