White Panda Roars in the ‘Concrete Jungle” at Gramercy Theatre

Written By | Leonardo Claudio

Photo By | Leonardo Claudio

On the coldest night of this season people poured into Gramercy Theatre for much more than warmth. White Panda was headlining, but the lineup was stacked with musical variety.

New City
Photo By | Leonardo Claudio

The first performance was the Trio from Toronto, New City. The lead singer Adrian Mitchell brought the nostalgia of early boy bands mixed with new-aged electro pop! They performed the crowd favorite “Dirty Secrets,’ and gave the audience a treat with an unreleased track “Crazy MFs.” The girls ate it up and the guys jammed out.

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Photo By | Leonardo Claudio

Next up was the Boston born Caye to the stage. Very peculiar mix of rap, electro and the steel drum, strange but very well received. The crowd ate it up as girls screeched their love for Caye. He did hits like “With U” and “Coma” and even jumped down from the stage and performed in the photography pit as he held the hands and took photos with his fans. The Souncloud sensation had the crowd calling for encores when he was done.

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There was a short break so everyone could refill their cups and then White panda exploded on the scene with a high voltage light show with bass heavy favorites including fat man scoop into Tricky. The perfect combination of audio and visual as he played songs from all genres rap, pop and even rock playing some Panic! At the Disco for the crowd to reminisce.  The crowd head banged as the bass filled the room and high-energy songs from the club favorite “Shots!” into the New York Native 6ix9ine’s “FEFE,” where the crowd excitement went to another level. Whatever remix White Panda played the crowd showed love.  The trap music brought the energy all the way up with a loop of ” I don’t really want no friends” into a calm transition into a Kendrick Lamar acapella.

Photo By | Leonardo Claudio

The helmet wielding disk jockey was an animal and even stopped the show to declare himself king as he played the opening to the Lion King into “Welcome to the Jungle…” The audio blends with the flashing lights and the variance of Panda logos on the screen gave the feeling of a huge festival, yet the intimacy of being able to enjoy it with all your friends without having to fight through a never ending sea of people.

The three acts gave a night to remember to the small yet accommodating Gramercy Theatre.

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