YBN Cordae’s Lost Boy in America Tour at Chicago’s Avondale Music Hall

Written By | Alex Perez


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Cordae Dunston, better known by his moniker YBN Cordae is an American rapper and songwriter. A member of the YBN collective, Cordae is on his way to becoming an established name in the hip hop community. Garnering popularity with his remix of “My Name is” a song by Eminem, and his song Old Niggas a response to J. Cole’s song “1985″ in 2018. He released his debut studio album, The Lost Boy in July of 2019 and received his first Grammy nomination for best rap album earlier this year.


Currently on his Lost boy in America Tour, which started in Seattle last month and is going until the end of February ending in Texas. The Locationships rapper would perform in front of a sold out crowd in Chicago’s Avondale Music Hall on February 5th. The line outside the venue, mostly made up of teens and young adults stretched down the whole block. Some fans had come from out of state to see their favorite rapper. Fans fortunate enough to get VIP were able to meet the artist before the show, some bring paintings and drawings for the rapper.


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Dj Preme set the tone for the show before bringing out the first act. HappyBirthdayCalvin took the stage first. The Chicago native who just graduated high school not too long ago has been making a lot of noise in the rap community for a while now, especially here in Chicago. HappyBirthdayCalvin got the crowd warmed up and moving, performing some of his hits like No Friends and Anything.


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Fellow Chicago rappers Duffle Bag Buru and CP would also make an appearance performing a few songs like Buru’s Redline and CP’s recently released Cinema EP. Dj Ciroc would change the tone by slowing things down a bit, asking everyone in the crowd to turn on their phone’s flashlights on and putting them in the air before bringing out another guest artist, LONR.


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With the venue being lit up by phone lights, LONR walks on to the stage. The singer dedicates a few songs to the ladies in the crowd before switching up his vibe and energy. LONR gets the crowd jumping and moving again, opening a mosh pit in the crowd and joining in the action.


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24kGoldn took the stage next. An up and coming rapper, 24kGoldn knows how to have fun. Without a doubt the most energy out of all the acts that night. Performing songs like Dropped Out Of College and City Of Angels. He sprays the crowd with water guns before ending his set with his hit song Valentino.

After his set, stage crew uncovers fake trees covered with roses and a “Lost Boy” sign like the one on Cordae’s album.


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YBN Cordae walks on stage and the sold out venue explodes with cheers and screaming. The rapper stands center stage taking it all in and admiring the crowd. He performs a couple songs off the YBN Mixtape, like Alaska and Target. The Lost Boy rapper encourages people in the crowd to get to know each other and treat each other like family. He performs songs off his Lost Boy album with an acapella sing along to his song Bad Idea, which was nominated for a Grammy last month as well.

Cordae paid tribute to his friend and Chicago artist JuiceWrld who passed away last year by playing his popular song Lucid Dreams. He reminisces of the first time he performed in Chicago while on tour with JuiceWrld. This is Cordae’s first time headlining a tour and claims he will come back one day Chicago to sell out the United Center. He gets the crowd to open a mosh pit to his song Broke Af. Cordae finishes the show by motivating the crowd and tell them not to doubt themselves and to follow their dreams.

Photo Credit | Alex Perez