You can make yourself a fancy cup of tea in this concept Mercedes Maybach SUV

The car comes with a bespoke tea set and a heated tray

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The 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is currently running in China, and Mercedes has unveiled a new concept high-end luxury SUV at the event. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV features a spacious interior, and there’s even a bespoke tea set hidden in the car’s console. The car is sleek, cherry red, and aimed at the Chinese market, where the color red symbolizes happiness, luck, and joy.

The model is conceived as being fully electric, with all-wheel drive and four seats (one driver and three passengers). Mercedes says the system allows a charging capacity of up to 350kW, and with five minutes of charging, the car will have an additional range of 62 miles (100km). It can be charged by cable or through induction.


The seats are positioned significantly higher than in other SUVs. Mercedes said that came from a desire of many of its customers for a “feeling of protection and security.” The white seats are made from nappa leather, and the interior accents are rose gold. The exterior front plate also features the chrome-plated radiator grilles that were first debuted on the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 in 2016.

The vehicle has double 12.3-inch displays for the driver, a touchscreen and touchpad on the center console, and touch control buttons on the steering wheel. There is also the capability for voice control, and Mercedes says the system adjusts to the user’s voice and adapts to new words used.


The company says the design mixes influences from the Western and Far Eastern hemispheres. It also incorporates Chinese design elements like ebony, which Mercedes says is known as “Magic Wood” often used in Chinese furniture. The tea set, which includes a teapot and cups, is made of china, and the sculpted wooden tray is made of ebony. The console is equipped with an integrated heated tray so you can happily drink tea without worrying about where to boil water. You can access the tea set by pressing a button which electronically reveals it. Mercedes says there are also a variety of teas available and “relaxation programs” for passengers sitting in the back.


According to Mercedes, the car is smart enough to “act with anticipation” and can play music to match your current mood and plan routes according to your appointments. The car also features Mercedes’ Energizing Control, a wellness tool that systematically controls the vehicle’s climate control system and seats to optimize comfort for the driver and passengers. The system controls how cool or warm the car is, fragrances released, music played, and heating, ventilation, and massage functions in the seats.


The concept car is the definition of extra. But if you have the money, why not enjoy life and tea while driving? There’s no indication yet of when these features might make it into a real vehicle, though.

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