Yungblud Roars Into New York City’s Terminal 5 for his Life on Mars Tour

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Written By | Cassidy Rose

Friday February 11th at New York City’s Terminal 5, Dominic Richard Harrison, known professionally as YUNGBLUD, successfully kicked off the first night of a two-night run alongside tour mates Charlotte Sands and Paylaye Royale as a part of the North American leg of the Life on Mars Tour.

Up first, upcoming pop star Charlotte Sands, appropriately rocking a YUNGBLUD hoodie and blue hair, started off the evening with Love and Other Lies off her newest EP of the same name. Charlotte and her band set the energy high with a mid-set drum solo and ending with her massive hit Dress.

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Next up, Palaye Royale serving dutifully as direct support drove the crowd into further frenzy with their glam rock aesthetic and sound. Their set included singles such as You’ll Be Fine, Get Higher and Hang on to Yourself.

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By the time the third set was ready to kick off, the crowd was ready to roar and YUNGBLUD, the thick accented English singer/songwriter, seemed instantly ready to match their incendiary energy, giving the crowd a good look at his signature oversized smile and setting the tone for the night by opening with his smash hit Strawberry Lipstick.

Between making out with his bandmates and spitting water into the crowd, the fluid twenty-four-year-old spent the evening proving time and time again that he is, in fact, the post-emo lord.

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Throughout the show the whole venue felt electrified, and Harrison remained plugged into the audience the entire evening, at one point helping call attention to a fan in distress.

The midway point of YUNGBLUD’s set included his famous reinterpreted rendition of David Bowies Life on Mars, the moment in the show that gives this special tour its name, the night then continued with highlights Weird and Fleabag.

The finale of the evening was one encore after the other, keeping fans fully content through to the very last second with songs Braindead, God Save me and Machine Gun. With night one as any indicator Terminal 5 is ready for night two!


Photos By | Rob DeMartin