ATEEZ hit the Forum with their “The Fellowship: Beginning of The End World Tour”

Written By | Jeremy Rufino

The energy in Los Angeles was high. The LA Rams were playing the SF 49ers in the NFC Championship to see who would advance to the Super Bowl. The screams and drones of Sofi Stadium can be heard from the freeway, but just across the street another HUGE crowd of fans was swarming the Forum with their own cheers. After a nearly three year long tour postponement, ATEEZ, the Korean boy group with millions upon millions of streams and 6 million Instagram followers has finally made their state-side return with their long awaited “The Fellowship: Beginning of The End World Tour“.

Filled to the brim with over 17,000 screaming fans armed with ATEEZ light sticks, The Forum was an amazing venue to witness ATEEZ’s 8 members perform. Armed with songs spanning genres from EDM to R&B and intricate choreography, the group literally dropped the curtains opening the stage with their high energy classic hit, WONDERLAND. To the constant screaming of fans, each of the 8 boys introduced themselves and went on to perform more high energy hits such as Pirate King and Say My Name. 

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A big part of K-Pop performances for fans is fan interaction and ATEEZ aims to please. Sprinkled between each song, the boy group engages with the fans allowing each of their 8 individual personalities to shine garnering almost more cheers than their songs. Silly jokes, a crowd wide wave, and simply seeing the group members interact with each other live in the flesh on stage is why a lot of fans come from far and wide to attend.

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After seemingly closing the show with one of their newest songs, The Real, ATEEZ came back out to treat their fans to an encore. Dripped out in their very own merch, the group performed a generous 4 more songs in a more relaxed fashion. Easing fans into the end of their performance, the group truly wanted to thank all the fans for being there for their return. I was truly shocked by how intense the group performed and how loud and passionate the crowd was. There really is no concert like a K-Pop concert. A giant sea of light sticks moving in unison cheering on their favorite performers is truly something to witness.

Photos By | Jeremy Rufino

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