Atmosphere Plays A Rockin Show at House of Blues Dallas

Written By | Alexandra Thomas 


Atmosphere, a hip hop group from Minnesota, played a concert at House of Blues Dallas on this cold January evening.  Fans lined up around the building excited to get inside.

The night was kicked off with DJ Keezy coming on stage giving the audience some fun music to dance to.  The audience and the bands loved her set.

The Lioness hit the stage and everyone fell in love with her.  After every song there was a loud uproar in the audience.  She had an amazing set and surely made some new long time fans.

deM atlaS hit the stage next and he brought some new energy to the stage.  Jumping around while playing his hit songs, the audience loved his set and I have no doubt they’ll see him live again next time he’s in Dallas.

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Finally, Atmosphere hit the stage.  The fans started screaming and getting really pumped up.  The entire night the fans had their hands in the air and had a great time dancing and singing along to their set.  Everyone that was there had a great time at this show and will see Atmosphere again the next chance they get.


Photos By | Alexandra Thomas

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