Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Release ‘Love Is Alive’ (‘A Tribute To The Judds’ out October 27)

Multi-award-winning artists Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani released their rendition of The Judds’ iconic ballad ‘Love Is Alive’. The track serves as the first single off of A Tribute to The Judds, the highly anticipated compilation record in celebration of the beloved duo’s 40th anniversary, to be released on October 27th on BMG.

Nearly 40 years since its original release on the best-selling album Why Not Me, and reproduced by Brent Maher, ‘Love Is Alive’ seamlessly intertwines the timeless production of the original track coupled with the soulful vocals of Shelton and Stefani. Mastering the combination of Pop and Country, the track infuses both artists’ signature sound while paying homage to the original song.

“I have always admired The Judds and I am so thrilled to be part of this album,” said Gwen Stefani. “’Love Is Alive’ is an iconic track and performing the song with Blake is a perfect way to honor their timeless discography.” 

“The Judds are one of the greatest country acts of our lifetime. 80’s country music is my favorite decade, and I’ve been singing Judd songs for as long as I can remember,” said Blake Shelton. ‘Love Is Alive’ was on their first album, and we wanted to stick pretty close to the original version and Gwen just nails the vocal. We’re thrilled to be part of this tribute album.”

“What a treat it was to re-record this wonderful song written by Kent Robbins. All I can say about Gwen’s vocal is, it’s perfect, and Blake’s harmony parts are wonderful. I absolutely love how this recording turned out,” said Brent Maher. “I think we captured the original essence of the song with Don Potters acoustic part and Eddie Bayers groove. Richard Bennett’s Electric guitar and Bobby Ogdin’s Keyboards gave this track the fresh vibe we wanted. Glen Worf’s bass part sealed the deal.” 

A Tribute to The Judds brings together the music industry’s biggest power players across genres revering the original music of The Judds into a powerful homage of their discography.