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Bun B, Starlito, Trapperman Dale & Kris J SHUT DOWN THE MASQUERADE

Written By | Anubis

A packed night for The Masquerade with Hell’s guest awaiting The Star-studded night ahead of them.


Photo By | Anubis

Opener Kris J waits patiently around his Class of Stoners Merchandise table with fans and friends for his set time to begin. The night goes on and the DJ finishes his set for hyping up the crowd before the opener hits the stage. Kris J finally hits the stage opening his set with some new music for his fans and new Listeners being introduced to him tonight and the crowd lights up.


Photo By | Anubis

As Kris’s set continues he stops to talk about his appreciation for the old heads in rap like Bun B, Ceelo Green, Pimp C, and many others and thanks Bun for giving him this opportunity to grace the stage as his opener for his show in Atlanta and then continues tells a story about watching last nights show from the back of the stage and just being so excited to hit the stage tonight in front of his friends and family. Kris ends his set with his Stoner hit “ Dope Lady” and the crowd gives him a huge applause as he exits the stage.


Photo By | Anubis

Next to hit the Stage is Starlito and the crowd goes insane, Singing every word to his songs as he performs. Having a big Fan Base in Atlanta Starlito thanks everyone for their support and for coming out and brings out Trapperman Dale to perform one last song. After a ten-minute intermission headliner Bun B comes on stage and the crowd lights up again, Bun Performs Classic songs like You’re Everything, Trap or Die, Country sh*t, and many more.


Photo By | Anubis

Bun Controlled the crowd effortlessly, showing why he’s a legend in the rap game. Bun ended the show with a roaring applause from the crowd and thanking everyone for coming out and to get home safely.


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