Up-and-coming artist/producer Carneyval shares his new single “Me Time” — a sublime piece of pop escapism track featuring vocals from emerging singer/songwriter Lourdiz. “Me Time” is a gorgeous shot of California sunshine, showcasing the Los Angeles-based musician’s timeless sense of melody and forward-pushing production skills. Listen HERE via Astralwerks. 

Produced by Carneyval at his home studio in L.A., “Me Time” was sparked from a radiant piano riff he spontaneously composed five years back. As he shaped the song’s lush and airy arrangement of bouncy grooves, soulful piano melodies, and bright and shiny textures, Carneyval tapped into the sonic ingenuity first revealed on his hit single “It Ain’t Love” (a track that debuted at #1 on both the U.S. and Global Viral charts on Spotify).

In crafting the sharply detailed and sing-along-ready lyrics to “Me Time,” Carneyval enlisted the talents of songwriters Lourdiz (aka Alyssa Lourdiz Cantu), Felicia Ferraro, and Victoria Zaro. “‘Me Time’ was written with three incredibly talented women who imagined a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway without a care in the world — feeling good in their own skin, and not having to answer to anyone,” says Carneyval. Built on a beautifully breezy vocal performance from Lourdiz, “Me Time” perfectly captures the sweet euphoria of shutting out the rest of the world and following your bliss (from the pre-chorus: “Right now nothing matters to me/But the PCH with the Fugees”). 

“It feels amazing to finally release a song I’ve held on to for so many years with three of the industry’s top rising songwriters,” says Carneyval in reflecting on the making of “Me Time.” “Together they‘re a powerhouse, and it only feels right that ‘Me Time’ is the first song in the next evolution of Carneyvaloriginals.”

Originally from Virginia Beach, Carneyval got his start independently releasing original music, and in April 2020 began creating impressive viral remix mashups on TikTok. Since then, he’s amassed a major fanbase, racking up over 3.6 million followers and more than 600 million views on his creations. His profile continues to rise as Carneyval was recently featured in Apple Music’s Today’s Hits DJ Mix series—check it out HERE.

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