Cautious Clay, played a sold-out show at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, Canada

Written By | Michaela Ciantis-Wong

Photo By | Michaela Ciantis-Wong

Kicking off his tour multi-instrumental, soul singer Joshua Karpeh, better known as Cautious Clay, played a sold-out show at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, Canada.  Fans filed in from the rain into the intimate venue, excited murmurs filled the atmosphere as the audience slowly grew.  

Anticipation building from the audience, the band supporting Cautious Clay entered first, teasing fans with the first few notes of the opening song.  The cheering erupted when he finally stepped on stage and promptly jumped into singing “Silos”. The audience was mesmerized by his deeply soulful voice as he effortlessly transitioned into his next song.  

Though they were blown away by Cautious Clay, who blew up after dropping his debut single on SoundCloud only a year ago, the sold-out Canadian crowd were equally awed by the love he was receiving from them, thanking them for selling out his first ever show in Vancouver.  

As a performer, Cautious Clay would lose himself in his song, which only made the crowd fall more in love with him.  He might have been singing to a sold-out crowd, but the way he would pour his soul into every word made it feel like he was singing directly to you, and only you.  Most of the time, you’d only hear Cautious Clay singing as if he stole all the voices from the audience, and was using them to feed the raw emotions he was putting out.  

Photo By | Michaela Ciantis

The title song of the album, “Blood Type” felt like Cautious Clay’s soul was coming out of him.  With every word you could feel flow through you as if it were the blood flowing through your veins, with the beat of the drum acting as heart beat making the still crowd feel alive.  

Not only did Cautious Clay wow the audience with soulful voice, but he also did so with the abundance of instruments he effortlessly played.  Every time he played a new instrument, whether it be the saxophone, flute or his ukulele, it was met with a roar of cheers.    

As he continues to play his mostly sold out tour, it’ll be an honour to catch Cautious Clay at another intimate venue, because this guy is going to be playing major arenas in no time.

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