C’est la vie! Paris_Monster plays Nashville’s High Watt Tuesday night

Written By | Walter Lytz

They are touring on their album Lamplight released earlier this year, so literally within the last few days!

basic printer-Humans of Nashville (28 of 33)

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Context is everything. See a sign that says “Basic Printer $20” at Best Buy and you may reflect upon how HP DeskJets have really gone down in price. See that same sign at The High Watt and you’ll be forced to go inside, grab a beer and listen to some kick ass tunes. Nashville’s own Basic Printer opened the show and did just that. Self proclaimed #gloitchpop (whatever that is, we like it) their sound is experimental synth pop.

They were really excited about opening for Paris_Monster, as well they should be. This night consisted of core Basic Printer member Jesse Gillenwalters on guitar and keys with an accompanying drummer/singer. Their songs were fun, funky and unique. Obvious hometown favorites, it was clear they had a lot of devoted fans in the audience. They performed 5 songs and although all within the realm of electronic pop, they were also very different from each other. Super talented, check out Basic Printer asap.


See More Photos of Paris_Monster HERE.

The first thing one notices before Paris Monster goes onstage is a large box the size of a basic printer with dials and hundreds of brightly colored wires running chaotically in, out and alongside in perplexing patterns. I soon discovered that this piece of machinery is an analog modular synthesizer and looks like one of those operator switchboards from the 1950s. One can easily imagine Paris Monster’s wife hounding him to remove it from whatever room it happens to be in at Paris Monster’s house.

Beat driven and employing heavy elements of funk, soul and synth pop, Paris Monster is two dudes. Josh Dion has three brains playing drums and synth keys while belting powerful and soulful lead vocals. Geoff Kraly plays bass guitar and the aforementioned NASA synthesizer. Lights down and you’re instantly induced into a hypnotic state. The haunting voice of Josh Dion pierces your soul. Paired with Geoff’s tasty grooves and you’re transported to another spiritual dimension. Paris Monster is your shaman and their music is your dose of ayahuasca.

Photos By | Alma Reed

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