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Chris Brown Concert “IndieGOAT” Tour with Guests Yella Breezy & Joyner Lucas at State Farm Arena

Written By | Klarque Garrison 

Christopher Maurice Brown better known as Chris Brown a 30 year old singer, songwriter and actor is already revered as an Icon. One key component when an icon comes to your town is what venue is worthy of such icon and in Atlanta, Ga. There’s only one venue which will do the trick…. The State Farm Arena which holds 21,000 in max capacity home of our Atlanta Hawks. This would be ground zero for Chris Brown’s “IndieGOAT” Tour. Joining Mr. Brown on tour was Dallas native “Yella Breezy” and rapper“Joyner Lucas” hailing from Massachusetts.

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As we were being escorted through the back end corridors of the State Farm Arena where media enters you could already hear and feel the energy of Atlanta Fans building. As I prepared for what was to come, I took in the near capacity crowd. It was a proper representation of who“Atlantans”are a diversified melting pot of all ages, races and backgrounds. At that moment the lights went down and you could distinctly hear the voice of “Yella Breezy” bringing the audience alive. With 10 years in the rap game Yella knows how to get things started breaking into songs like “That’s on Me” and “Big Shit”.

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Rounding out the opening act, Joyner Lucas decided to turn it back to ole school R&B by having the DJ kick some 90’s and early 2000’s hits. He even invited some of his friends onto the stage who go by “112”. The crowd went nuts!

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After a short intermission, it was time to buckle in reset the deck and change up the stage. With lights blazing everywhere, music slowly kicking in a spotlight appeared at the top of stairs on stage forming an outline of who we quickly discerned to be the star of the show. He was a King on the mountain. Very few performers can summon the spirit of Legend MJ the way Chris Brown can. He is non-stop energy from start to finish. You love his music, you cannot get enough of his dancing and you’re amazed at how he does both so effortlessly.

With one of the best backdrops/Stage designs I’ve ever seen this was one for the ages and one Atlanta would soon not forget. The “indieGOAT” Tour is well on its way to being the self titled Greatest of All Time and IMPRINT Entertainment was there, Were you?!

Photo Credit: Klarque Garrison

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