Daniel Caesar in Atlanta at The Fox Theatre with Koffee

Written By | Klarque Garrison


Daniel Caesar is a rising star in the music industry from Oshawa, Canada. He’s both a singer and songwriter. He broke onto the scene back in 2014 and has since developed a loyal following of music lovers of all ages Worldwide. On this night, Daniel and his tour “Case Study 01” showed Atlanta some love and it all went down at this Historic Fox Theatre.


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But before we got the main entre we were served up a pleasantly talented young artist Mikayla Simpson also known as Koffee. Hailing from Spanish Town, Jamaica Koffee’s high energy and dope lyrics became the perfect way to get the night going. She was first discovered on Instagram and soon after released the single “Legend”. Never afraid to rap about controversial topics, Koffee has already become an activist for gun violence and Government neglect of youth.

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After a short break, the lights completely dimmed and everyone knew what was coming next. As the backup singers filed out a colored spot light followed the main attraction to the mic and away we went. Immediately you could tell these were his real fans. They sang every song word for word at the top of their lungs. Occasionally you would hear a young woman scream “I love you Daniel” which only ramped this crowd up even more.


When Daniel began singing one of his more popular songs “Get You” he just let the audience sing by their selves and they loved it! Rarely does a young artist (Daniel is only 24yrs old) have such command of his performance. He seems to know exactly how long to sing, when to speed things up and when to get the crowd involved. I’m a “Gen X” dude who has been looking forward to covering Mr. Caesar. I was not disappointed. Be sure to check out the next tour stops at to see when he is coming to city near you and get your tickets. He will not let you down and you will be able to say “you were there when…”

Photo Credit: Klarque Garrison

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