David August Displayed His Definition of Happiness in Detroit 

Written By | Lindsey Sobkowski

Photo By | Lindsey Sobkowski

German born DJ David August gave a captivating performance on February 15th at El Club in Detroit. The club was in for a treat that night, as August’s sounds filled the space with such intensity and strength, audience members were truly mesmerized. The night started off with an unknown DJ revving things up for the anxiously awaiting audience members. Once he left the stage, instrumental music played over the speakers that eluded to what was in store for the crowd that night. With an array of voicemail like messages and ambient synth, people were beginning to buzz.

Photo By | Lindsey Sobkowski

Once August walked on stage, all eyes were on him. He slowly hypnotized the audience with a slow swell of instrumentation to lure them in. Once the song heightened to colossal proportions, it was set then and there. People were hooked, and it stayed that way for the remainder of the performance. August is said to gather inspiration from his Mediterranean roots, and it shows in his wide array of instrumentation used. Many of his tunes took multiple forms and evolved as time went on, from having a middle eastern flair to having similar sounds as traditional chinese folk songs.

Photo By | Lindsey Sobkowski

These many fusions of culture would then transition to city sounds such as sirens and cars, which gave a complex adventure for the ears. He also fused these instrumentals with very few lyrics, one standout being “What is your definition of happiness?”. The minimal lyrics allowed for the few words that were spoken to truly stick in the brain and be digested. Whether audience members were processing these words or not, the crowd energy was certainly there, and seemed to become more boisterous as the night progressed on. 

David August’s show certainly left an impression on the audience of El Club that night. For those that were there, that just might be their definition of happiness.

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