Of Montreal in Philadelphia at Union Transfer

Written By | Jamie Stow


Union Transfer welcomed long time indie pop favorites Of Montreal to their stage on Friday night.


The crowd started off as just a few dozen people but by the time Of Montreal took the stage, there was barely room to move.

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Fairly new rock band, Godcaster, kicked off the show with remarkable energy. Their stage presence was just as important as the music they played. All the members were dancing around the stage, obviously having the time of their lives. The band’s music incorporated elements of flute, trombone, and trumpet perfectly and every member played a vital role in their performance. The flautist even got her own solo when the sound on  band’s guitars accidentally went out. Even though it was impromptu, she didn’t disappoint.

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Next up was Lily’s Band. With short songs, Lily Konigsberg and her bandmates kept their set fast paced and upbeat. In between songs, the front woman even showed her political support of the Democratic party by bringing up a representative from the Bernie Sanders campaign to speak to the audience. This gesture was met me applause and screams from the crowd, but this speech didn’t overpower their musical performance at all.

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The crowd was fairly tame until one brave soul crowd surfed to the front about half way through Of Montreal’s set. After that a flood of people surfed their way over the crowd. The crowd bounced and jumped along to the music with an unmatched enthusiasm. What really added to the performance and made everything more interesting was the addition of dancers behind frontman Kevin Barnes.

At one point in the show, the three dancers came out dressed as hamsters and another time with skulls covering their faces.


One dancer even crowd surfed her way to the middle of the audience to do a split as the attendees held her up.

Photos By | Jamie Stow

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